I love the smell of the rain and you can drink the rain. I like the trees because they wave in the breeze. I like the clouds and the clouds can move so fast. I like the grass because animals can eat it. I like the air so everyone in the world can breathe.

By Alexis

 I love Australia because we were brave in World War 2. I also like it because we have nice plants and also that we can believe in God and read the bible.

By Adam

 I love Australia because the beautiful flowers and the bushland. You can smell the fresh air. We have Native animals. Australia is a safe place. We have lots of fresh food. I love the smell of the plants.

By Aoife

 I love Australia because we have safe schools and we get to learn about God. I also like Australia a lot because we have fun learning with our teachers. And I also like Australia because we do not go to jail if we have a bible in our homes. Australia is a very nice place to live in. We also have comfortable beds. Unlike the Cambodians they do not have very comfortable beds. My favourite thing about Australia is we have good schools.

By Tom

 Today I’m going to tell you about what I love about Australia. I love how we are really safe. I love that the sunsets are so beautiful. I love that we are surrounded by the sea. I love that we have a beautiful breeze. I love the National Anthem. I love people who believe in God. I love it that we have kind people. I love that we have a big blue sky. I love that we have a big cloudy, rainy bushland.

By Niki

 I love Australia because it’s a free country and because it’s a wealthy country. I love the beaches because you can kick a rugby ball around and make sandcastles. I love that Australia has so many Native animals, e.g. wombat, kangaroo and the Tasmanian devil. Australia is so beautiful because it has the only coral reef left in existence. I love that Australia is brave and a strong country. I love that Australia is a healthy country and I love the beautiful smell of rain. The thing I love about Australia the most is that it is so fun. I think Australia is great.

By Rhys

 I love Australia because it is a free country and Jesus can come into your heart. It’s awesome how Australia has such amazing waters and such great sea creatures especially at the Great Barrier Reef. The facts about Australia are magnificent, like the biggest clam in the world was found in Australia. A GREAT thing about Australia is that it is such a brave country. I like Australia because it isn’t crowded. It is a small population of people.

By Liam B

 I love Australia because it is a free country. I also love the smell of rain after a hot summer’s day. But my favourite thing about Australia is it is a beautiful country. I am proud to be an Australian because of our great National Anthem. I think Australia is the best country in the world because we have so many animals that I cannot name them all.

By Teague

 I love Australia because we are safe and we have helpful people. My favourite Australian song is the National Anthem. I love Australia because we can read the bible and know Jesus died on the cross for us. I love Australia because we have native animals. I love fishing in my boat. I love living on the Island.

By Timothy

 Today I’m going to tell you about what I love about Australia. I love that we’re free and safe forever and ever. I also love that the territories are so beautiful and nice. I most of all live the coral reef with all the colours and the nice shining blue water that is surrounding our beautiful country. I love that God made helpful people and native animals and lots more things that I can’t even imagine! I love the big blue sky and the lovely trees, plants and bushes. I also love that our country is so brave.

By Annabelle

 I love Australia because we are free to praise God. I also like about Australia that we have a wealthy country. Probably my favourite thing that I like about Australia is that we are free to be Christians. I love that we have good schools and teachers to teach kids. I love the bush that we can walk in. I love the Australian flag.

By Sam

 I love Australia because it’s a safe country. I love Australia because there’s a nice big sky. I like Australia because there is lots of bushland. I love Australia because we have native animals. I like Australia because you can be a Christian. I like Australia because we are a healthy country. I like Australia because we have good food. I like Australia because we have brave soldiers. I love Australia because it’s very beautiful. I love Australia because it’s a very rich country. I like Australia.

By Jordy

 I like Australia because it is a free country and a good one I also like it because we’ve got the space to run and play. It is a very good country because we can be Christians with God. My favourite things about Australia is that we have a beautiful home land to live in and that we have lots of wildlife.

By Joshua S.

 I love Australia because there are beautiful cities that we can go to. Australia is a safe place to live. In Australia the rain smells so beautiful and also in Australia we have school and we can be Christians.

By Molly

 My favourite thing about Australia – nice plants and it is a safe country. There are helpful people and there is nice bushland. The clouds can form shapes and there is yummy food. I also love the sunrise and the blue sky.

By Owen

 I love Australia because it is a beautiful country. I think it is a beautiful country because we have good homes. I think we are lucky because we can learn about God. It is a good country because we can be Christians, that we can be healthy, that we have a good National Anthem. That we have clothes. I love smelling the rain. I love going on our boat. I love that we can play.

By Amy

 I like Australia because it has healthy food. I like Australia because it is safe. I like Australia because of all of the beaches. I like Australia because of all of the trees. I like fishing because I like eating fish. I like Australia because it has everything we need. I like going on the boats.

By Jack

 The reason I love Australia is we are free. We’re being able to make our own decisions like to leave the country and to be a Christian or not. We have lots of food and trees, also people don’t fight and fight over territories. Our space is enormous so we can spread across the country. It’s a super country. I love it. We don’t have wars against other countries.

By Hughie

 I love Australia because we are free from slavery and are protected. The flag reminds me of our lovely waters and great falls. The Aboriginals flag reminds me of Aboriginals and their great art e.g. diggeradon. I love the animals here e.g. koala, kangaroo. The Commonwealth star reminds me of the Olympics and the athletes. I remember the people who sacrificed their lives for us.

By Cain

 I love Australia because it has lots of nature and lots of animals. I like when it rains because it smells very nice when it lands on rocks and ground. I also like the big sky with the sun and at night the moon the stars and the dark blue sky. The Bushlands are really nice from a view on a rock that sticks out of the bushland. I love people who believe in God. I love Australia because it is really safe. I like to roll in grass when it is not wet. It is really nice when we have fresh food for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. It is nice when it is Christmas because we get presents.

By Charlotte

 I love Australia because you can go shopping for good and eat your food. You can also drink water if you’re thirsty. We can breathe new air into our lungs. I love Australia because we have beds to sleep in. We also love people so much and our family and friends. We can learn and teach. We can help people. You can make friends. We can see birds. You can go on the beach.

By Ella

 I love Australia because when the rain hits the grass a lovely smell will come out. What I also love is when I look at the Australian flag it reminds me about Jesus dying on the cross. On the background of the flat it is covered with blue. I like Australia also because we can have lots of food. I love when I can see the reflection. I also like it when I can see the fish jump out of the water.

By Tia-Grace

 I love Australia because there are beautiful cities that you can go to. Australia is a safe place to be. In Australia the rain smells beautiful and also in Australia we have schools and we can be Christians. There are animals and good homes. In Australia all the people are free. Here in Australia all the people are good and we have a God who loves us. Australia is a very very good place to live. In Australia there are beaches and lots of birds. I love living in Australia.

By Chloe

 I love Australia because it is beautiful. I love the smell of rain. It smells nice. And I am glad that Australia is English. And I love about it is that it is safe. And Tasmania used to be in Australia. And I love the moon.

By Ashton

 I love Australia because of helpful people. Another reason that I like about Australia are the helpful people and the Christians. And another reason is the rainbow which makes it sunny again. I also love the beach. I also love the sun which makes it sunny.

By Max D.


Our Holiday Recounts

My Holidays The favourite thing in the holidays was going to Luna Park. My favourite ride was the rotor when you stick to the wall, the flying saucer was scary. I loved the bar rest of fun the chain swing was pretty old school. A game was bad. It couldn’t hit the edge of the bucket but I got a fish. I got a dagel day. I loved Luna Park. By Cain

In the holidays I went to the farm my Mum and Dad took me and my sister also my little brother. My grandma and grandpa was there to. We stayed in a sandstone place and it was soooo old. We walk in the wild and we found a wild wombat hole. We also saw a bull. I also went to three movies. I saw Karate Kid, Toy Story three and Shrek. Karate Kid went for two hours and forty minutes. Toy Story went for one hour and a half it was fun. By Jordy

On my holidays I went to New Zealand. Even my tooth came out. I could see snow but the sad thing was that I could not touch snow. It too three hours on the plane. I went on a jet standard iron. I saw Amy at the airport. I went to see Toy Story 3 and Shrek at the movies. I could say at a cabin. I got 2 sores and 1 on my hand and the other on my knee. By Ashton

In the holidays I went to Mount Selwyn and it was very fun. The first day of sledging me and my brothers and the next day I got used to it and same with the third day. The next day I had to do my big marathon. When I got on that it was easy and the same with getting off. My favourite thing was the kids grinds and jumps. On one go of the kids grinds and jumps a person had stayed on and went up the jump and just missed her. My favourite bit about it was the jumps. By Tom

I went to my farm in the holidays. My whole family went too. It was about a two hour drive. Me and my brother got to round up probably 20 cattle. It was fun to do. My families names are Peter, Libby, Jenny and Dave. We have 5 people in my family. Each person has a horse. I like my farm because my grammar and grandpa live there too. By Sam

In the Holidays I went to the Barubeen beach and I bike rided through the bushes and I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D. And I went to my Grandpas and Grandmas and my Granmar took us to the beach and we saw a sand castle and we finished it off. By Alexis

I am going to tell you about my favourite thing on the holidays. My favourite thing what happened on the holidays was my birthday. On my birthday when I woke up I said… Happy Birthday to me!!! I got a D.S.I. And also I got Mario Kart and Nintendo Dogs, princess and the frog and Girls Life. We stayed most of the time home. I played my D.S. all day. By Ella

I am going to tell you about my holidays. I went to the movies and saw Toy Story 3. My favourite part was everything. There was a funny bit when the aliens said that’s cool they said. After the movies me. Ella and Ian all got a happy meal. When we got to Kerry’s house we all had a hot chocolate and after that we all drew our favourite character. And then mummy came and picked me up. By Tia-Grace

For nearly 2 weeks we were at Noosa. My favourite thing about Noosa was going to Die and Big Owl’s house our part family and part friend. They have a pet lorikeet who defends his toys like they are gold. Big Owl’s real name is Alexander. We also went to Byron bay and saw a lighthouse. Noosa is awesome. By Max 

In the holidays I went to Perisher Blue. My family stayed in Jindabyne at a place called Cascades. In Perisher Blue I went on the Village eight express which is a chair that you sit on to get to the top of the mountain. I lost my confidence when I went on the quad chair. On Tuesday it was raining so we stayed at home and didn’t do much. The next say there was a blizzard it was snowing hard we went to Perisher again but then I went on the T-bar which is this wire that is connected to a black hook that you get hooked to and get dragged up. We went to Blue cow on Thursday and I went on Zalis which is a double blue run and I went on a huge jump on the thermal quad chair. The Exelarater was very steep and I fell a few times. Then it was the end and we had a long drive home. By Liam 

My favourite thing I did in the holidays was going whale watching. We hopped on the boat and went out into the bay the waves weren’t that before we got to the heads then it really got rough. People started setting sea sick. My mum and I were the only ones in my family that were sea sick as we were bring sea sick 4 humpback whales then after I stopped being sick we saw six dolphins. The trip took 3 hours. By Teague

 In the Holiday I went skiing with my friends Nike and Claudia. We went to Perisher and Mount Selwyn. Me and my friends stayed at a farm but there weren’t any farm animals. When we woke up in the morning it was freezing and the cars were frozen solid so we tried and tried to open the door until we could get it open. We had to pour hot water on the window four times. I got up to the second level in skiing and after two days I was skiing like a champion of skiing. I had a fun time!!! By Charlotte

 I am going to tell you about my holiday. I went to New Zealand where the snow is. While I was at the snow I went skiing. I went to Queenstown and other places. We went to hotels and me, my brother and sister got a bag kids card and you get things for free you had 5 choices to choose from. Our room numbers were 55 and 53. We had to fly over seas. We had delicious food. We also had hot chips for lunch on the airplane. We went on Emirates. By Amy In the Holidays I went to the movies with Sam. It was fun! Sam loved the movie it was great and a boy was learning karate. It was in China. That was the end of the movie. In the holidays I watched Toy Story 3 Andy was grown up so Woody and Buzz have to go to Sunnyside day care. Andy gave his toy to a little girl called Ruby. By Molly

 Today I’m going to tell you about my holiday. On my holidays I went skiing with Charlotte, Claudia and Amelia . We went for 3 days; we stayed at a place called Adaminaby. We stayed in a house with Charlotte it had 2 bunk beds. Me and Charlotte were on different beds because we both wanted to be on the top. We went skiing 2 times at one place that I don’t remember and 1 time at Perisher. We went to Perisher once because it was a 3 hour drive and the other place were 1 or 2 hours it was really fun!! At first I was really bad but then I got advanced so now I’m an advanced skier. By Nikita

 Today I’m going to tell you my two favourite things that happened in the holidays. My birthday was my favourite thing that happened in the holidays. The first thing that happened on my birthday was breakfast. I had pancakes, strawberry sauce, yoghurt, bananas and strawberries for breakfast. Then we went to Drift Wood. At Drift Wood I ordered fish and chips with an ice-chocolate. Then we went to a little sweet shop. I got strawberry clouds at the sweet shop. After that we went to soccer. At soccer we shared the lollies that we bought at the sweet shop. My dad normally plays goalie but now he’s playing field. Then we went home for a party! I got cards, presents, chips, lollies. Also we played donkey and that was the things I did on my birthday. My second favourite thing that happened was my sister Lauryn’s birthday party. It was a Hannah Montana movie party. By Annabelle

 My favourite thing I did in the holidays was going to Canberra. We drove to Canberra for 5 hours. We first went to a dinosaur museum. And then we stayed at my cousin’s house. We stayed there for a night. The next day we went to the Questacon and went on a ride called track attack. It felt like we were on a roller coaster. There were lots of shops as well. I got a toy called magnet man. We had so much fun. By Max 

In the holidays my mum and I went to put-put golf and I built a Lego spacecraft. Firstly we went on the caves course which was very fun. I won that course. Then we did the shipwreck course and it was great fun. I lost that course. The spacecraft I made is about two feet long and it was two feet tall! It has 3 engines and 3 power generators! The spacecraft has guns! I put a gun on that was 1 foot and 6 inches. I think that put-put golf is fun because it is hard. I think the school holidays are fun. By Rhys

 In the holidays I went to Mudgee. It took four hours to get to Mudgee. Usually we stop in Lithgow. After two hours we stopped in Nan and Pas holiday house. The house has just been finished. I took my bike to Mudgee and practised riding it. I rode my bike with Mum and Dad on the second day I was at Mudgee. I really like Mudgee! By Timothy

 My favourite thing on the holidays was going to Shepparton. At Shepparton we went to Ballarat with our cousins it was freezing. I went to a place where everything was the same as the old times. Before lunch we went panning. We panned for 20 minutes. Then we had lunch. Then we went panning for more gold. And my daddy found some! He gave it to me. I was proud of him. By Owen In the holidays I went to Foster and my sister had her birthday there. At Foster I went on the jumping pillow. A jumping pillow is a big pillow and you jump on it. Me and my family stayed in a small cabin and I got to sleep in bunk beds. I made a dam in the creek. For my sister’s birthday she got a scooter, a wig and a doll that you can change her wigs. And I went to see Karate Kid and Toy Story 3. It was very good. I loved the end of Toy Story 3. And I liked Karate Kid. By Chloe

 In the holidays I went to Queensland. Two places I went to Noosa and Stbrockllend. One of my favourite things was paddle boarding. Another two favourite things were going to Sea World and Dream World. I loved my holiday. By Jack

On the holidays I went to the City and me and Noah had to share a bed. I had Mexican for dinner. I went on Monday. It was fun but I did not like sharing a bed with Noah, but I saw the Museum and you can see the bones. I saw a kangaroo. By Aoife

 My favourite thing that I did in the holidays was to go to a really really good and Freaky Science Shop, I got a smart robot that can find its way out of a 20 meter long maze, it also teaches me more than I knew about robots. There was also a piano playing itself it was amazing! My favourite thing at the shop was a mirror that made a skeleton appear but I could not get it because dad said it was too expensive. By Joshua 

On Sunday my family and I went to the Sydney Aquarium we saw lots of things my favourite was the dugongs. Dad liked the platypus. The facts were great my favourite was this: when turtles sleep they hook onto stuff they appear to be stuck but they know that they’re doing. There was a creature that was a shark it moved which creeped me out! After we went to Chinatown. I saw a tram and a Buddha and a saw a Buddha statue! It was great! By Hughie

On my pap on my brother’s game Grand Truism. I bought a TVR camera speed 12 and bits of Mitsubishi evos and we went to my grandma and we also went to my great grandma and my Nan and pops place. And we watched Toy Story 3. By Adam

ART from Term 2

During Term 2 the Sea Dragons studied the famous Australian artist, ‘Ken Done’ and we created artworks in a Ken Done style.  We also went on a transport excursion around our beautiful city (Sydney). The photos we took on that excursion were used as the inspiration for our artworks. Below are our excellent artworks.



ANZAC Day Inspired Stories and Journal Entries

One of our narrative writing activities was to either write a journal entry or a letter home to mum and dad. We used the 2010 ANZAC Day poster as inspiration. The students had to imagine they were one of the people on the boat. 

I was again very amazed at the imagination and creativity of my brilliant class.


1914 April 30

Dear Mum and Dad,

I have just found out that we are going to the south east of Gallipoli.  Some ships have sailed in and have started to fire.  I am in a huge plane getting ready for drop down after two months.  I will fly a plane.  The type of gun I have is an army tank BOOM BOOM.  Got to go, Gallipoli are cannoning the plane and it is going to crash!

Bye, from Cain

P.S Look after Charlotte

P.P.S I am going to come back

Dear Mum,

It’s day 6.  We are going to the South East.  The captain said we’re close by.  I had a rocket launcher.  I am now at ANZAC cove, the Turkish people are there getting ready to attack.  We are getting attacked on the boat.  They had some strong faces.  I was happy to save my country.  We made lots of mines.  It was a big, big war.

Love from Max

Dear Mum and Dad,

I just found out that we are going to the North West.  We’ve got our cannons ready.  We’ve also got goal keeper, a robot that never ever loses target, protecting the ship. (4 hours later) Now the planes are in for attack! None of our men are dying. (half a year later) The war has finished and our team won.  I’m coming home now.  Here is a picture of me and goal keeper.

From Josh

Dear Mum,

It’s day 6.  We have not docked yet.  We’re heading to Egypt to train.  We’re going to make some bunkers just in case.  I’m in the top rank.  I’m using a rifle.  We’re making barbed wire.  I have not been sleeping well.  Lately I found out lots about mines.  We stopped by an island but it was burnt.  The enemy was close by.  We found a map.  It showed us where they were going.  It said they were going to Egypt!  We decided we will make a surprise attack.  I’ll give you the latest updates. 

See you

Love Hugh

Dear Mum and Dad,

I love you so much.  I miss you a lot.  I’ve been sailing for eight months and one week.  I’m going to Gallipoli for war this time.  War is tomorrow at 8:30am.  I’m really scared, do I have to go?  I might not come back.  We’re fighting against the Germans and Turkish people.  We have the British and French.  I can see cannons and bombs flying by and smoke and fire in the sky.  We had a big steep hill to climb.  I was so so puffed when I got to the top of the hill.  I’ll be back in a week.

Love from Annie

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am on the boat in the middle of the ocean.  We just got attacked by pirates, but we’re OK! I already have eleven friends.  Some of my friends have been in a war before.  We are just about to go into Gallipoli.

Bye Mum and Dad

Love from Teague

Journal Entry      25 April 1914

At the Dardanelles shooting at  people.  I sailed for 1 year to Gallipoli.  Our goal is to climb a cliff and build a trench to be protected.  I was the lucky one, I got a bazooka.  If you have any ideas, I’m just about to get shot but luckily I ducked.  My trench was 5 metres long, I got to a bush and I didn’t even fit in it.  I hit my head on barbwire and got shot in the leg.  I had to go to the nurse.  She fixed me up, I went back to war.  That night we picked up all the dead ANZAC’s.  I don’t know if I will come back.  They put me on a ship.  I went back home.

By Liam

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am on the ship and sailing for war and going to Gallipoli.  I’m wearing a uniform and some weapons.  There are lots of people.  The battle is going to be hard and I’m a little nervous.  It’s starting to rain.  The waves are getting rough.  I miss you very much but I’m scared if I won’t come back!  Now I’m eating some food but it’s not that nice, I like your food better. 

Hope to see you soon!

From Amy           (Jasmine)

Dear Mum and Dad,

We have been sailing for months.  I don’t know if I’ll come back.  A lot have died.  Right now the Turks are winning.  My birthday is tomorrow.  This isn’t the way to spend it. 

See you in a while.

From Max

Dear Mum and Dad,

I am on the boat.  We are very close to Gallipoli.  I am very scared.  We can see the men with their guns and cannons.  This is going to be a big war.  We have been sailing for a long time.  The food is disgusting.  We played cards sometimes.  I am very bored, scared and excited.

From Bengi xoxoxo

p.s I miss you                        (By Rhys)

Dear Mum and Dad,

I love you so much.  I’m coming back in two more days.  I hope to see you then.  I’ve saved some ANZAC cookies for you so you can try them out when I get home.  I’ll tell you the recipe of how to make ANZAC cookies.  The Turks are winning I think, because it’s located in Gallipoli.  The French and Russians are going well but were a little bit stuck. Everyone is surrounding us. 

Bye, I don’t know if I’ll see you.

Love Simon                  (By Niki)


ANZAC Poetry by the Stage One Sea Dragons

War Happens By Sam

Parents are worried.

People sacrifice their lives.

War is very bad.


War By Ella

In the war lots of people died.

Lots of trees died too.


War (Gallipoli) By Jasmine

Why did we start it?

To stop the fighting and even everything.

Dead bodies, animals, plants.

They die form guns, bullets, cannons, tanks and bombs!

It’s hard to climb up cliffs, get through fires, go over trenches and the whole big ARMY!!!

War is bad.


War By Adam

Army boats, mines, bullets, guns, cannons, tanks.

War is horrible.


War By Jordan

Some mums and dads have to let their sons go to the war on boats with guns and cannons and they have to climb up hills.


In the War By Aoife

In the war, lots of things die.

Like animals and trees die too and lots of loud bombs.


War By Tia

It was a bit sad when the war started.

But when it stopped it was good.


War By Liam

It’s a shame we have war.

It’s a terrible thing the guns, mines, cannons and bombs.

It’s a tragic thing war.

We’re lucky we’re protected by these brave soldiers going to fight with those weapons.


War By Charlotte

I think war is bad.

The war is bad because people die and that is sad.

People get killed by cannons and guns and blend in bombs. 


War By Jack

What is it for?

War makes me sad.


War By Annie

The war is sad and very bad.

I am brave and that’s why I’m made.

Bombs and cannons roaring by.

Smoke and fire covered sky.


War By Niki

Who likes it?

No one at all!

Some are good, some are bad

They all have Dads!

Ladies can fight, but kids can’t!

They all have tanks, with bullets and bombs!


War (Tragedy) By Max

When guns were shooting, nature was dying, people were falling.

When Mums and Dads received their letter, that said their son had died,

They started crying.

When the Turkish shot more died.

That was what happened at the Turkish vs Australian war.


War By Teague

They gave me a gun and they sent me off to war and on the first day it was like a nightmare.

 On the second day I dug my first trench.

On the third day I went to the doctor and I got a bandage for my leg.

I got into a tank and I blew up a tree because I was angry.

On the ninetieth day, I went home to my family and they were so happy to see me.

Lest we forget.


War By Joshua

Bullets are coming this way and that way.

Flowers are put on the graves.

Trees have been knocked down.


War By Josh

In war all the beaches and the water is full of mines, soldiers, weapons, bombs, boats and rocks. On land there are cliffs. Many soldiers died and that’s the way it ended.


War By Amy

What is it for?

It is helping Australia.


War By Hughie

The war wasn’t funny.

The war wasn’t good.

The war was bad.

People died and people lived.

But we remember them.


War By Chloe

There is lots of pain for Mums who let their sons go to war.

Mums cook ANZAC biscuits for them to eat.

Mums can get very worried that their son won’t come home.


War By Ashton

The water at home is nicer than the water in the war.


War By Molly

ANZAC is coming.

Bombs are falling

Animals are dying.


War By Timothy

Some Dads and boys go to war.

Bombs drop out of planes.

Soldiers dig trenches.

It is a mess.


War (All The Bad Things in War) By Rhys

The war was bad.

When they made up it was good.

I hope there won’t be a war again.


War (War of help) By Cain

One day all were happy.

The next there were bombs, red flying all the time.

One day people will come but with no guns or bombs of harm but of respect and help. 


War By Max

The war is bad.

When they die their Mums and Dads cry because they’re very sad.


War By Tom

Boats are coming this way.

I don’t want it this way.


War By Alexis

In the war all the trees got knocked down in the war except one, the Lone Pine.


As I get older, I become increasingly more aware and disturbed by war and the effects of war on people, cultures, animals and the environment.

In the lead up to the important event of ANZAC day this year, I did some more research into the Australian Defence Force and the multiple wars our service men and women have served in. Reading stories about Diggers in horrible conditions and seeing images of war always gives me a reality check. I am proud to be an Australian and I am proud of the men and women who have served our Nation and are still serving. I don’t want to ever forget the sacrifice these men and women give and have given; the time away from loved one, their lives, the images and sounds that will stay with them forever.

I teach a wonderful class, full of wonderful children and I really enjoyed sharing what I knew about the war in the lead up to ANZAC Day. Being such a significant day for Australians, I did my best to educate my students at an age appropriate level of the need to remember what other people had done for Australia and how war effects so many people (not just Australian sevice men and women) but also their families, the communities and cultures where wars exist as well as the “enemy” and their families.

The students in my class continually surprise me with their knowledge and depth of understanding. I am a blessed man to be able to teach them. I am also proud of them for the daily effort they put into their learning.

A taste of what we are doing in class – Descriptions

Snappy the Puppet

Snappy is a crocodile. He is really a hand puppet.

Snappy has lots of teeth and they are very sharp! Snappy has patterns under his belly they are square in shape.

Snappy’s eyes are shiny. They can see under water. Snappy is very soft and he likes to sunbake. Snappy’s eyes are bold. Snappy’s tongue is pink.

Snappy loves Mr Storrie.

By Cain

Snappy the Crocodile

Snappy is a crocodile. He lives in a lake. Snappy the crocodile is smooth. Snappy has 18 teeth. Snappy has sharp teeth. Snappy is green. Snappy is brown underneath. He is just a puppet. Snappy has black and green eyes.

Snappy has patterns on the bottom and on the top. He is very scaly. His eyes are on the side. Snappy loves sun-baking. Snappy’s mouth is pink.

Snappy’s hands are small. Snappy actually lives under Mr Storrie’s desk.

Snappy is a crocodile.

By Charlotte

Snappy the Crocodile

Snappy is a crocodile but he is really a hand puppet.

Snappy is green on the top and brown on the bottom. He has hard, sharp and white teeth. He also has green and brown eyes and on his tummy he has patterns on him and his eyes are shiny. He has a pink mouth and 18 teeth!

I like Snappy because he has nice sharp white teeth.

By Teague

Snappy the Crocodile

Snappy is a crocodile. Snappy the crocodile lives under Mr Storrie’s desk. He is really a hand puppet.

He feels really soft. Snappy has strong white teeth. Snappy’s underneath is all scaly and brown. He can see under water very well. He is really soft inside. Snappy is very good at catching animals.

I like him because he is nice and cute.

By Joshua

Snappy the Crocodile

Snappy lives under Mr Storrie’s desk.

Snappy is a crocodile.

Snappy has shiny eyes.

Snappy is dark green.

Snappy has 18 teeth.
Snappy is not a real crocodile, he is a puppet.

Snappy was bought from a shop.

Snappy has sharp teeth not as sharp as a shark.

By Amy